How David Streit Will Help You

Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Marketing
BS, Meteorology, University of Nebraska, 1978, MS, University of Wisconsin, 1981
MDA EarthSat 1988-2009, EF Hutton 1981-1988

"I am committed to increasing our understanding of weather and its impacts; I never want to stop learning and educating."

David Streit has been working with the agricultural commodity industry since 1981. His extensive experience in weather and its impacts on global crop conditions have made him a trusted go-to source for crop production impacts. Having grown up on a working farm helped him to develop insights of the unique interactions of the weather and agriculture. He also participated in the growth of weather risk reduction in the energy commodity industry as well. His latest focus has been on finding tools to help in forecasting beyond the two week limitations of most computer models. Success in this endeavor has been well received by the commodity industry.