Cade Groman

“I look forward to forecasts that test my knowledge as a meteorologist, so I can continue to improve and provide the best possible products for our clients.”

Cade recently joined the CWG team after graduating with a BS in Atmospheric Science from The Pennsylvania State University. Early on at Penn State, Cade took an interest in weather risk management, and pursued that option of the meteorology major, while getting a minor in energy business and finance. Cade also partook in The Campus Weather Service at Penn State, where he led forecasting shifts to make daily forecasts for local clients and made broadcast videos that were uploaded to their YouTube channel. Before the start of his senior year, Cade interned for a summer at the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he had his first experience as an operational meteorologist. His interests include providing short, medium, and long-range forecasts for both energy and agricultural sectors. 


Cade focuses on providing short, medium, and long-range forecasts for both energy and agricultural sectors

Sean Bratton

“I utilize a wide variety of forecasting tools to develop the most accurate and up-to-date forecasts possible. My goal is to continuously strive to provide the best services I can for our clients.”

Sean recently joined the CWG team after a 10-year career as a Physics and Meteorology instructor where he honed his skills as a communicator.  Before teaching, Sean received his BS in Atmospheric Science from the University at Albany and his MS from Stony Brook University. His first experience in forecasting came as an intern meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Albany, and then later as an operational forecaster at Chesapeake Energy. Sean is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois program in Weather/Climate Risk and Data Analytics and has been actively involved as a forecaster and software product developer in the sports weather space. His interests include providing short, medium, and sub-seasonal energy forecasts and helping to support wind/solar generation forecasts across North America.


Sean focuses on short, medium, and sub-seasonal energy forecasts and helping to support wind/solar generation forecasts across North America.

Joe Woznicki

Joe’s interest in meteorology was fostered from a very young age in a love for severe thunderstorms. He followed his passion into college, earning BS/MS degrees in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University. He has developed a great understanding of the impact of weather on global agriculture and has spoken at several grain and oilseed conferences in both North and South America. 



Joe Woznicki is well-versed in how weather can affect both the energy and agricultural commodity markets.

William Henneberg

"I continually work to improve my forecasting techniques and strive to produce the most accurate forecasts for clients."

William has over a decade of experience in short, medium, and long-range forecasting with a focus on North America and Europe. He provides renewable generation forecasts (primarily solar and Western hydroelectric power) and speaks regularly to trading firms and at conferences. William is also a member of the American Meteorological Society and stays current on new research for application purposes. 


William Henneberg works with the power and energy industries, focusing on sub-seasonal and month ahead forecasting.

Nick Vita

"There are many different factors that go into making great weather forecasts. It is my goal every day to create the most accurate forecasts and provide you with high caliber support."

Nick Vita has been with CWG for over 11 years. North America and East Asia are his areas of expertise not only for short and medium-range, but into the seasonal space as well. He also monitors Western Pacific tropical activity and potential impacts throughout the Pacific Basin and downstream into North America. Being prepared from past experiences in broadcasting, Nick consults for the energy and agriculture sectors in both of these regions while staying up-to-date on other key global areas. 


Nick Vita specializes in energy and agricultural weather for North America and Eastern Asia. 

Brian Bardone

"I take pride in my weather forecast each day and make what I feel is the best forecast available. I will work to do that for you at each and every possible opportunity."

Brian Bardone holds over twenty of energy weather forecasting experience. During this time, he worked for energy consulting companies, providing short, medium, and long range forecasts. He has also sat on energy company trading floors, supplying weather forecasts for trading and load purposes.  Brian has also developed wind generation forecast models and provides wind generation forecasts for numerous ISO's around the country and international. 

Senior Forecaster

Brian Bardone's experience as a meteorologist in the energy sector spans back to 1999.