Joel Widenor

"I apply our business concept 'Better Weather, Simplified' to my daily work so clients can get the right answers fast."

Joel Widenor supports clients with agricultural weather interests throughout the world, including a particular focus on growing areas in North and South America. Prior to the start of CWG in 2009, he served as Manager of Agricultural Weather Services (CropCAST) at MDA EarthSat beginning in 2000. Joel follows temperature and precipitation patterns very closely with a sharp attention to detail. He is an expert gauge of crop impact assessments, but he does not believe in hyping weather concerns. His pragmatism makes him a favorite among industry weather watchers.

Chief Administrative Officer

Joel Widenor is a co-founder of CWG and a global agricultural weather analyst since 1997.

Jason Setree

"I want the clients to feel appreciated and that they are getting a dramatic value from our service."

Jason Setree has been supporting the commodity risk sector since 2002 upon graduating from Penn State. Jason has broad-based experience on a variety of forecasting scales–-short, medium, and long-range. Jason knows where things are and, otherwise, he knows how to quickly find them. He has gained extensive expertise in technology applications, enhancing client interfaces with products and services. Jason is a rapid-responder to your needs. In addition to being involved with forecasting and client support, he also currently manages accounting and contracting.

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Setree specializes in Northwest Hydro issues and Western weather.  He is also the main contact for accounting and invoicing questions.

David Streit

"I never want to stop learning and educating."

David Streit began working with the agricultural commodity industry in 1981 on Wall Street. His extensive experience in weather and its impacts on global crop conditions have made him a trusted go-to source for crop production impacts. Having grown up on a working farm helped him to develop insights of the unique interactions of the weather and agriculture. He participated in the expansion of the energy commodity industry in the 1990's. Latest focuses have been on improving longer term forecasting beyond the two week limitations of most computer models. He is also committed to passing on his years of experience to the exceptional staff that Commodity Weather Group has attained.

Chief Operating Officer

David Streit has been working as a meteorologist in the commodity industry since 1981.

Matt Rogers

"Weather is not an exact science. But arming our clients with all the tools and information will ultimately reduce risk."

Matt Rogers has consulted for the energy weather sector since 1994 and he possesses extensive experience in short, medium, and long-range forecasting--especially North America. He also tracks other factors that can drive energy supply concerns like hydro and tropical weather. Matt is a communicator. He regularly talks to trading and other firms with weather risk concerns as well as to conferences and events. He will quickly answer your questions and keep you ahead.


Matt Rogers' consulting for the energy sector spans back to 1994 with experience in short, medium, and long-range forecasting.