David Solomon

"In order to understand a system as complex as the atmosphere, it is important to analyze data from as many resources as possible. My goal is to distribute information to our clients quickly and efficiently from a wide variety of sources."

David has been interested in the weather since he was young, and continues to enjoy learning about a topic that has deep impacts on how people live their everyday lives. He has been formally involved in the field of meteorology since 2006. During this time he has participated in an internship program with the National Weather Service, presented at academic conferences, and published research articles in peer reviewed journals. As part of his research David has worked with many of the models, datasets, and resources that form a core part of our knowledge about the weather. His research experience has taught him that by connecting these resources in new ways, previously undetectable relationships become discernible. He believes that uncovering these relationships deepens our understanding of the atmospheric system as a whole, and provides new tools that allow forecasters to make more accurate predictions.



David's mission is to provide clients with quick and easy access to the data they need.